Neal pike say sumthin 7 evening show second draft

18 Jun

Feedback very much welcome and apriciated 🙂

green hats and ticking clocks 


Heading to this city that doesn’t rock anymore

The pull of Nottingham is too strong for these
Mid twenties bones

Eighteen year olds pile on this bus
Feeling not quite on this bus

This bus is smart shirts
This bus is dresses
This bus is shoes
This bus isn’t comfy trainers with holes in

I was you ten years ago
Scruffy haired and band tee shirted

Rabbit headlight eyes
stepping into
The unknown Nottingham

Here’s me in a teeshirt and chinos
Heading to a night that I wish was stuck in 2004

“This que resembles a funeral
I thought we where queuing for rock city?!”

This is or was the place
When you wanted to push things backwards
Who wants to push things forwards on Saturday nights .

This was our place on dancefloor
This place is now coverd on wkd
Where it was once beer

What is dancing
as hands brush over hair
And feet shuffle once every 30 seconds

“You are
Way too cool
For this place “

The music you used to pull yourself in around it’s notes
Like vast cables clinging onto sanity
Now replaced by poorly made string

Not good enough to tie knots
let alone
Drown yourself in it’s waters

Glorious noise greets my ears like a old friend
This is what used to be
As my legs adopt the 2004 position

Weird right angles and air guitaring
Nobody is too cool to air guitar
In these walls where sweat hangs like smoked salmon

People moaning to the dj
To play some good stuff
He yells back
“Sorry mate this is good stuff “

This is what do at weekends
To feel young again
we are eighteen again with more facial hair
And less hair

It doesn’t move backwards
I can feel my beard just getting grey
By being here

This was once our kingdom
Vast trees where there we surveyed over everthing
Bossed this place with a drunken iron fist

My fist creaks and cracks
Like a frosty door now

This is your place now
I see you’ve changed a few things

Not everything just a few things
yeah you still like the killers don’t you?
The songs stay the same
the ears aren’t

Wishing I could stay in that place
For ever everlong

“who would want to be eighteen forever though “?

“This is your place now

it’s like going into a bedroom you used to know
things you loved about it now just side parts

Wishing I could stay in that place
For ever everlong

I’m trapped like a retro chorus in a overly sampled

When I used to move in sweeping
Short three note chords

Jäger goes down quicker
When time drags
it’s long slow claws over you
Plastic cups litter around my feet

The place where the Barrier is
my ribs bruise at the sight of it

I must climb those stairs marked growing up

normal people don’t wear green hats
Normal don’t sleep in basements under the stairs
Normal people aren’t afraid of ticking time
Normal people don’t walk in crocodile infested waters
Normal people don’t stay in one space outside for hours
with a deck of cards and a magazine

“average night
I spent fifty quid
On jäger and rum
Shuffling awkwardly”

This bus looks familiar
eyes drift off to sleep
My taurine addled brain

Runs in a bull enclosure
I could have read tonight
Or enjoyed a night
Where the beers nicer

and music doesn’t remind me of being
long haired
Eighteen and awkward

just the long haired bit
Forever awkward

forever awkward
Forever wishing
unexpected things
From places
that have got younger
While I’ve got older


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