Maresa – Seeing Past (draft for video)

20 Jun

The grandmas are drowsy but watchful.

One looks around the room inquisitively

and throws her remark over the wall.

She has forgotten when she had breakfast

whether she even had breakfast

but sings a song from her youth

its melody uplifting.

The old lady caresses her gnarled hands

as if washing them with care and

the others in the room laugh as they recognise

the land where she has gone.

It’s comfortable to slip in there

and dream of distant childhood.

Why come out?

The laughter is kindly and tinged with an envy.

We would all like to go there

but with a way back.


One Response to “Maresa – Seeing Past (draft for video)”

  1. BeaBop June 21, 2014 at 10:36 am #

    Full of intrigue and dusty memories. Vivid language draws me in.This is the beginning of an old lady’s tale. I love the way you have begun weaving this poetically together.

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