Social Media and Marketing Team: Mouthy Poets Blog Protocol.

21 Jun

The MOUTHY Poets blog

When a blog is used as often and by as many people as this one is, consistency can be difficult to maintain.

It is for this reason that the Social Media and Marketing team have cooked up this set of rules/conventions/guidelines, to help make the Mouthy Poets blog be all it can be.



The Mouthy Poets Blog Protocol:


There are so many signs of life inhabiting the inner and outer reaches of the Mouthiverse that it is almost impossible to deduce the identity of the author based on content alone. 
For this reason, the FIRST thing anyone posting should type before even thinking about doing anything else is THEIR NAME.


The blog serves as a sharing space for poems in the lead up to Mouthy Poets shows, so when you’ve let everyone know who is posting, it’s important that…

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