Anne – draft 2 – headline show

22 Jun

Life Cover



I find myself,

walking down the street,

and I feel like,

I feel like,

I feel like I always have.

Then sometimes I feel,

a tap on my shoulder.

Glance to the side,

catch sight of this woman,

she mouths at me, “you are fifty.”


I find my hand stretching to a dress on a rail,

And she says to me,

like a prayer,

“if you wore it last time round, you can’t wear it now.”


I know that’s she’s me,

and I say out loud,


“How did I get here?”


That sets me off

down the road to nowhere,

because where I used to feel like this

is becoming like a ghost town.


Sometimes I think I’m doing a cover of my own life

same tracks

same beat

I can still hear London calling

same old refrain.

But this time round

we’re not all welcome to the house of fun.

There are little kids with empty bellies

walking down our streets,

asking ‘what have I done to deserve this?’


We always said we’d rip it up and start again,

but my mind is like a plastic bag

full of stuff they make us buy.

Same as it ever was,

but now they call it Vintage.


This is only about a minute long – but I reckon would run longer once it’s performed. Feedback please on if it is too short to convey what I’m trying to say – what do you think I’m trying to say? It is littered with song lyrics from the 80s, is this too clunky? If you don’t recognise them that’s fine! But I’m hoping older audience members and music nuts will do.


2 Responses to “Anne – draft 2 – headline show”

  1. mouthypoets July 2, 2014 at 4:49 pm #

    Hi Anne,

    So I get the feeling the text is there for you with this one, so I won’t go into that, will talk more about performance as it felt like that is what you wanted last Friday?

    I have realised I think the reason I am interested in you using a loop pedal is because I really want you to push yourself to do new things with your voice in this piece and the main person I know who does that really well is Hannah Silva. I am not saying do what she does but I am saying push yourself. I think this is the main video, using a loop pedal, that was influencing me…

    I feel like you need to memorise it ASAP (when do you think you can get it done by) get on your feet and play with it? Map out the dynamic you want to create with it and then play around with different techniques vocally and performatively and see which people think achieves that dynamic the best?

    When you explained the meaning at rehearsals on Monday it felt really powerful yet at the same time a bit of a joke… I think it is really important we find a way for this to come across!

    I also think it is really important the hilarity but also the rubbishness of the reality in the ending lands… it could get a lot of laughs but also a lot of thought if we plan the dynamic right… is this making sense?

    Where are you at with ideas at the moment?


    • secondanne July 2, 2014 at 8:39 pm #

      Thanks Debs.
      Memorising this is almost done, so I can get on with the performance, although I have a re-write to post up here.

      I know what you mean about getting the dynamic right.
      I’ve found some images to put together for a back projection – from 1980s demos and from recent demos – also the intro from the song that is the main influence in this piece on repeat (Talking Heads : Once in a Life Time) – so I’m changing the title to ‘Twice in a Lifetime’. Hope the music works, will have to see what people think.

      Re: the loop pedal, I think what HS does works really well, it’s sort of what I thought you had in mind, but my reservation is that I’ve never used one before and don’t really have the time to play with it so that I am confident with it – so I’m going to try to vary my voice as much as possible.

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