10 Reasons to go to Say Sum Thin’ 7!…(instead of Splendour)

23 Jun

Hello my name is Rosie and I am doing my work experience at Mouthy. I chose to come to Mouthy because I enjoy creative writingimage and wanted to know what it’d be like to have a job in that area…also my mum wants me to be like Debris when I grow up. And so I have written this blog about why you should come to Say Sum Thin’ 7 instead of Splendour!


10 Reasons to go to Say Sum Thin’ 7!…(instead of Splendour)

  1. Tickets are only £14 (£10 at concession) for a full day of activities and performances that’s £28.50 cheaper than Splendour, for the same price you could come to Say Sum Thin’ 7 and bring 2 of your mates!
  2. It’s inside  the Nottingham Playhouse with all its resources, if the weather takes a turn for the worst you won’t be in a muddy field queuing for a portaloo
  3. Say Sum Thin’ 7 offers the chance to not only watch performance but also take part  giving you the chance to get involved, moving around to activities (without the fear of someone stealing your picnic spot)
  4. Say Sum Thin’ 7 gives you the opportunity to engage with the headliner, a Q & A session will be available with the award winning poet ‘John Agard’ (who will be performing in the evening)
  5. As a student not only will you save money but gain an experience that could help your studies whilst having fun ( John Agard features in the English GCSE anthology)
  6. You can leave at any time! There are events on all day you don’t have to pay for a day pass, at £3/£2 for all activity sessions(1pm-4pm)  and £6/£4 for the open mic sessions (4:30pm-6pm) you could come along and still make it for your favourite headliner
  7. The performances are interpreted in BSL (British Sign Language)  making them accessible for a wider range of people
  8. There’s no need to spend extra money once at the event there are writing and craft workshops giving you the chance to create something yourself (instead of spending excess money on crafts from an over priced stall)
  9. Food and Drink will come with a 15% discount from CAST Restaurant and Bar ( with an all day pass wristband)
  10. And finally Say Sum Thin’ 7 will be a fun packed day with live musical and poetic performances, a chance to gain skills yourself with a range of activities and see professional poet John Agard as well as amazing performances from ‘The  Mouthy Poets’, with much to gain and at an affordable price it can be a day to enjoy with family and friends!

One Response to “10 Reasons to go to Say Sum Thin’ 7!…(instead of Splendour)”

  1. Anne June 23, 2014 at 7:11 pm #

    Hi Rosie… some great reasons… hope you can make it along too? Maybe someday somebody’s mum will want them to be like you when they grow up!

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