Principal – by Bea Bop (3rd edit)

3 Jul

Once, when our sands of time were strong

Shinto Earth Goddess danced with

Igbo supreme of all, Chukwu

Their breeze awoke our rhythm in fire

Bound by tradition and nature

Their light shone upon us

We existed on the same page for nearly forever


The winds of Fukushima blow over me

The sign from the Gods telling us to play our hand

And I am about to cut off my right one

Gambling our odds will land on united

As the fall wrenches at our bedrock

So fragile after years in concrete


Whilst nuclear falls out of your mouth

Black Rain trickles from my eyes

And I see wisdom

Like I see the Nigerian hurricane

That took two hundred and thirty-four hearts

From deep within Chibok’s bossom


I see how the Gods are not to blame

They give us ropes the length of eternity.

It is the principal we live by

Tying shambhalla knots around our hearts

Squeezing the senses from our past

So that the future shines frigid


We sit across the table oceans apart

Too broken for middle ground glue.

You stand on your head.

Full of Nigeria and premonitions,

Preying on the positive remains

Of skeletons forced into a negative marriage.


Me. I dig deep as my heart is in Fukushima.

Your eyes trace laser lines; slicing mangoes,

peaches and yams like Ninja warriors from Akita.


So, shedding my kimono in Kyoto

I wear split-toe stockings on my feet,

Tiptoe to you in Manga dreams

Serving you tea in ceremony

Then I sit in Nagasaki Peace Park

Praying that devastation will not hit


Too late, your words hit the target.

And I want to pound yam until the mortar splits.

Fufu was always hard work for me.

I used to peel grapes for you.

You never really liked my fruit.


You said that if you left me I would fall apart.

But like Maya still I rise

For you I will travel to Chibok

And open up the earth to reveal our lost children

For you I will hack at the temples of my beliefs

And win you back

By cutting off my right hand.


One Response to “Principal – by Bea Bop (3rd edit)”

  1. secondanne July 7, 2014 at 10:33 am #

    wow… tight, sharp, moving… job done 🙂

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