Stop: Ingrid’s Scratch Show Second draft

5 Jul

Stars breathe darkness
So I’ll leave the girl who
Ruined my subconscious there.

The stars will breath her
Numb her
She’ll get better

Stop stealing her Nana’s pills
Stop breathing in my words
Pretending they’re hers

She will stop strangling me.

One day my subconscious will supernova
My defence mechanism will be
More controllable, a neutron star.

I’ll be strong enough to stop her
And poetry will always be mine
It’s not cool enough to steal

It will always mean a galaxies to me.

She is someone who hears
my unfiltered thoughts
That will never change

But she is dropping stars
every time she steals, brags
about her rich boyfriend, teases me

and calls me a hoe in front of everyone.

At one point, she was pain killers
To my post-concussion headaches
A week without her was like

A week without night

Without amber streets and mopped air.
She is still the only living person I’ve cried about
And I still want to tell her everything even though she’ll

Always top the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me.

I stopped talking to her
Started ignoring her messages
Knowing that I still needed her.

Now she’s trying harder than ever
To let her emotions get to me
She shouldn’t be allowed to do that

If she didn’t it would be safer for both us
I need time to heal. But she thinks
that we can just be all right again
Just because we both get high sometimes.

I could never imagine
Why she chose me
To suffocate
But I just want her to stop
And be inhaled by the stars


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