Poem For My Sons (Joshua Jones)

6 Jul

So my son,

you want to love a woman?

far more to it than at first it seems

more than butterflies and dreams

can you tell me the difference between

being “in love” with a lady

and actually loving her? Yes? No? Maybe?

to really love a woman takes grace

more than just falling for a pretty face

and those coy mascaraed eyes

which can leave you feeling mesmerised

and those lips pressed in gentle smile

for a kiss from those you’d crawl a mile

and to us men it’s a feminine riddle

how as her mouth says little

her beauty shouts all the more

and have you felt your heart get sore?

as you tremble and fear

that to your side she won’t draw near?

have you prayed that your love she’ll reciprocate?

the torment of your soul alleviate?

her eyes and smile can do all this

but love is more than emotive bliss

though her angelic face is a gift from above

there’s so much more you must learn of love

I know your eyes have begun to trek

you’ve started to notice south of her neck

as your mind with hormones doth swarm

you watch her intoxicating form

now men talk of “perky boobs” and “smokin ass”

Son…know these things don’t last

nor do they alone a marriage make

for though sex gives, it can also take

now I too of flesh am man

and of the female body I’m a hardy fan

there’s legs, hips and tits

plenty of exciting bits

there’s so much here to admirer

but I warn you son: don’t play with fire

for here’s a lesson that I’ve learned:

you can’t cuddle coals and not get burned

and please don’t get ecstatic

over girls made by Photoshop and plastic

who depend on bee-stung lips and boobs bolted-on

and aor men’s attention mix their flesh with silocon

if lust is all you think love you about

your dick will lead you in, and it will lead you out

and if by beauty alone into love you fell

unless you dig deeper you’ll fall out of love as well

erotic delight can’t be love’s foundation

so don’t make the exterior your chief fixation

be it of her form or face

an inner beauty is the highest grace

the daughters of Eve have beauties which fade

like the flower, so the maid

what’s more, a woman’s charm can deceive

and mislead the simple and naïve

with words that seduce and ensnare

weaponising her personality flare

to escape this epidemic blindness

look for a girl possessing wisdom and kindness

whose not conceited but gives to the poor

who turns away from evil and fears the Lord

a girl like this is so hard to find

more precious than rubies by virtue defined

but are you man enough to take such a girl?

to hold and to lead this treasure, this pearl?

will you guard your heart from women who flirt,

and stay with her though it may hurt?

will you still love her when she kicks and she screams,

and for her you sacrifice personal dreams?

when forgotten pains explodes upon you

and her words cut deep, what will you do?

in that hour will you pull out

or will you show a character stout?

for into love any boy can thoughtlessly fall

and romance has made fools of us all

we fall into love when we get a chemical rush

from reciprocated attention from an outstanding crush

and though these feelings take us sky high

inevitably they’ll say goodbye

Now can you tell me the difference between being “in love” with a lady

and actually loving her? Yes? No? Maybe?

it’s about the other when in hardships love is true

but to be merely in love can be all about you.


-Joshua Jones


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