train ride…edited raisa ss7

6 Jul

(sound effect ) Chk chk chk CHK CHK chk
I can sense the train tracks heating up.. as it gets ready for the arrival of the train
I stand here with an adrenaline pumping through the tips of my fingers…

With high hopes for my journey to liverpool
…the morning moans with busy people
whilst my tummy groans
with a hungry base
wheres those sanies “mam
I could eat
the whole lot”
my tummy becomes even
hungrier once I’ve eaten my first one

tummy grumbles as my mind wonders into the echoes of silent day dreaming

Standing on the solid platform
Steering into the exposed tracks
and how high up from them I am
…weird thoughts pass my mind.

Imagine falling down there
With that torture of automatic panic racing through your head
The state of guilt, the loss of power
That pumping sweating gland that goes
(Sound effect) Badump badump badump
on the side of your head
you speed into survival mode
trying to climb back up
grabbing onto the platform wall …
but really one leg swinging one arm gripping your
body pressing closely to the wall whilst holding tightly
with no handle bars or stairs…
(shakes my head full composure)

Ah the train is here

It’s baseline kicks in (chk chk chk chk chk chk chk chk chk)

the passenger’s begin to greed in silent minds
fuming over how they will get on the train quicker then the next person…
awkwardly pushing without looking
ignoring the huge gap between platform and train
okay im no better
but I just walk on like Po from teletubies
my 6month pregnant belly makes it through
vip style
”,no body best barge into me” I say to my mom
I may be 5ft1 but my mouth and tempermant
can make me seem 6ft taller..
Sitting on my comfy seat…
I receive the inspiration to write as soon as the train departs
I take out my phone and begin to write
Whilst I hold onto my womb cuddling my unborn child
I don’t no if you are a boy yet
I don’t no what you will be like
I love trains and traveling
I talk to my unborn subconsciously in my head whilst holding my phone
Soon ill be able to take you on journeys like this…. To the zoo ill take you flying ill take you to the beach…… well you have already been on a plain……
(Sigh……. )


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