Debris, Emily, Honey & GOA (Headline Final-Final Draft)

7 Jul

Length: 8min


-Staging and performance?




Patter Cake Song


(Projection) Dictionary Definitions:

School: An institution where instruction is given

Lights up on a row of 11 primary school sized chairs stage right.


(Projection) Class: A number of persons or things regarded as forming a group by reasons or common attributes.

Choir walk onto stage in a line and sit on chairs.


(Projection) Immigrant: An organism found in a new habitat.


Emily, Honey & Debris walk into centre stage side by side looking excited.


Emily & Honey are in swanky individual suits Debris is in a very restrictive school uniform and steps out to speak.


Audio Track Start in sync with Debris exhailing



Excited tie-tight, black boards sparkle white.

New school electric-keyboard fight:

I’ll be the holy computer-screen-light

in the clasp of music class. The tempting tickle


to spend lesson one in a toilet cubicle

where teenagers stretch and strike Superkings

‘Cause all adults are about to pickle aspirations,

the walls start to shrivel. My new bra screams.


There’s a knot of girls glowing on the school field

with geometrically gelled hair and make-up like maths

My leather briefcase looks crass.

Mum lied about the blazered rules of class.



Honey sings to Emily & Debris, as if a lesson.

Emily alters Debris uniform and hair to make her look more like everyone else.

Neither of them seem sure it is the right ting, but the choir seem to be affirming it is the right thing to do by smiling falsely.


Honey Lyrics:


this kind of racism aint easy to see

its covert and ninjalike I’ve had to be

(at Emily & Debris) it puts white appearing people in a privileged place

when I go for a job they know the skin on my face

will effect my prospects in every way

unless I’m foreign in which case

They can get away

with paying me below minimum wage

They’re head is tilted to the side

I see the fake smile in they’re eyes

says they…


Chorus Choir:

‘we don’t want you here, I don’t want you you here’

‘we don’t want you here, I don’t want you you here’



Mum said – tight-ties grab good grades,

History class A’s: exit the immigration maze.

Loops between letters can handwrite happiness.

Family, not friends, are all that matters.


Because English own money, war and world.

Indian & African run medicine.

Caribbean is the same as confrontation.


Their Mum’s said the same

except Eastern European

and prostitution are to blame.


28,000 Romanians held for crimes in London.

And I’m one of them, watching that correctly curled

cluster of girls play a Patter-Cake game –

more liberating than suffocating:



Choir Play clap game.

Emily sings part describing, part making fun of what the choir represent.

Honey & Debris stand next to Emily, listening confused and humoured by Emilys words and also intrigued by the game.


Emily & Clap Game:

No tears Lorielle

Ok Magazine

Fashion – Vogue Italy

UkIP party

Mr muscle


Children’s stories

Makeup branding

Russell brand

White man




Bag of tricks

3 pound for a bag of chips

JLS back flips

Simon Cowell bank trips

Geordie shore


Porn star sodomy

Narrative binary

Children’s stories x 4




Debris, Honey & Emily, alter all their outfits together.

Debris is no longer wearing uniform, but has altered it to a point where it is now her own clothes and style – she still wears the blazer.


Chorus Choir:

‘we don’t want you here, I don’t want you you here’

‘we don’t want you here, I don’t want you you here’


Debris At Choir:

Do we want Jonny Bravo and Shane?

Lick low lines between virginity and shame.

Squat arses into Insta-frame pictures.

Bleach skin into history filters.


I’ve grown into that white girl that can dance.

More than a rolled up skirt and bottom set Spanish.

This patter-cake style of acceptance squints harsh:

(at Honey)‘cause if your black your only a fetish

(at Emily)If you’re white your known as sketish.


I don’t want to be colonised by men

or gentrified by a syllabus,

or learn to underline the date,

without challenging the ridiculous.


Why are all wifey’s

light skinned mixed-race?

Sat in the back row – stagnant.

and lying about my birth place.


I’m Pregnant.


Bridge Emily & Honey (layered):


Deep down inside they fear me

they see something in me that they lack

they don’t have the power to create new life

or the power to make everyone black


so they’ve made a game we never win

blindly follow the rhythm

of their domination miseducation discrimination

pattercake pattercake

Nation miseducation discrimination

pattercake pattercake



Our biology teacher described

the baby daddy as “black as prison.”

I can feel my mock-exams drop

into dark shades of statistic,


I can see my Mum’s fingers lock.

I can hear the patter-cake game stop

and point at the blood gathering:

a chemistry practical that’s exciting.


That same knot of girls said

I smelt like a used pantie-liner.

That my kind breed 10 x faster.

Why does idiocy accumulate faster than Empathy?


Why won’t that Geography teacher stop shouting at me?

And deconstruct the blood oozing through this wall of blazer.



Debris goes and sits in empty chair alongside the choir.


Choir & Honey & Emily (Reduced into Acapella)


Stock Holm Syndrome

Protect your genome


Stock Holm Syndrome

Life in monochrome


Eternal War





2 Responses to “Debris, Emily, Honey & GOA (Headline Final-Final Draft)”

  1. inkposts June 22, 2014 at 7:11 pm #

    I saw the mouthy poets in Rotherham and they were quite entertaining.

  2. THE G.O.A. CHOIR BLOG June 27, 2014 at 7:48 pm #

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    The women of The G.O.A. have been rehearsing for an amazing spoken word poetry event called ‘Say Sum Thin 7’ by The Mouthy Poets featuring the legendary Poet John Agard at the Nottingham Playhouse.

    Our Choir Director Honey Williams has been busily vocally arranging, song writing, poeticising and getting our collabo on with Deborah ‘Debris’ Stevenson (Leader of Mouthy Poets) and Emily Franklin (Singer and member of both the Mouthy Poets and The G.O.A. Choir) to put together an exciting piece intriguingly titled ‘Pattercake Song’, its jam-packed with very deep, huge and sensitive topics such as #Racism and #Bullying and how it effects women, the rise of #UKIP #WhiteSupremacy #misogyny #homophobia #gender and #school no less!
    Though the topics are heavy we’ve added our unique slants to create something electrifying.

    We will be performing this piece at the Nottingham Playhouse, 19th July 2014, not to be missed!
    See link for more info:

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