Neal pike say sumthin 7 final draft abandon ship

7 Jul

Heading to the city that doesn’t rock anymore

Nottingham drags at these mid twenties bones

Eighteen year olds scramble on this bus

This bus is smart shirts
This bus is dresses
This bus is shoes
This bus isn’t comfy trainers with holes in

I was you 10 years
Scruffy haired and band tee shirted

Rabbit headlight eyes
As they saunter into
The unknown Nottingham

Here’s me in a teeshirt and chinos
Heading to a night that I wish was stuck in 2004

“This que resembles a funeral
I thought we where queuing for rock city?!”

This dancefloor was our beer soaked space
Dancing was a mixture of shuffling and hand signals
My feet stick to this WKD drenched floor
“You are
Way too cool
For this place “
The music used to dislocate yourself in around it’s notes
Like vast cables clinging onto sanity
Now replaced by poorly made string

Not good enough to tie knots
let alone
Overwhelm yourself in it’s waters

Nobody is too cool to air guitar
In these walls where sweat hangs like smoked salmon

People moaning to the dj
To play some good stuff
He yells back
“Sorry mate this is good stuff ”

To be eighteen for a few fleeting hours with more facial hair and less hair

“who would want to be eighteen forever though “?

I used to dream I could stay in this place forever
ever long
I guess it’s time to
Zig zag up these stairs
Marked growing up
you are a tree
In a place full of saplings

Your roots have become

Still clinging onto this oak tree
On a ship

It doesn’t ring a bell Anymore

Even the sharks
have changed

The water around
This ship
undulates with youthful energy
It doesn’t agitate and lagoons
Like it used to

normal people don’t wear green hats
Normal don’t sleep in basements under the stairs
Normal people don’t que in the drizzly wet for hours with a magazine and headphones

My taurine addled brain trots
I could have enjoyed
Nicer beer and inky words

This bus is
mix is of drunk shirts
This was a legendary night man

Or was it just the same?

Instead of eighteen and awkward
long haired music.
Forever awkward and wishing

unexpected things
From places
that have got younger
While I’ve got older.


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