Pegah :)

7 Jul

Sorry it took so long, heres my poem again:

Do you blame me for listening to your drunken words at 12:15 am?
And your powerful speech that echo’s miles but it never reaches my heart
Don’t just stand there and say you regret this
The thing is you are nothing but an imagery to this poem
You are the negative side of a magnet that pushes so hard to get away.
the black ink my pen
the sweetness to my coffee and the sourness in my lemon that makes me wanna swallow my feelings so hard and fast and forget about what I tasted.
You are my one night stand that i want to forget about before I even remember.
I’m not saying I regret you
I just regret choosing you
Don’t make me feel like you care because we both know how easy it was for you to forget.
When i was finding it hard to forget you’ve already forgotten and buried the thought of us deep down in your stomach.
You texted and said ‘i miss u xx’
Those x’s where out of place the i in the ‘I miss u’ was misplaced in a lie and the miss was just there to fill out the space.
But your i’s and the x’s fooled me anyway.
Because I was a fool to like you in the first place.
You took control like i was a character in your stupid games and role plays.
But look at me now?
Not even your i’s in ‘I miss u’ will fool me now or your heart beats that still beats in my ears every time I try to sleep.
I’m not saying I don’t miss you any more
I’m just not remembering you any more.
You are nothing but full stops to the end of my sentences, never mind the i’s and x’s in ‘I miss u xx’
All is left for me to say is goodbye and walk by you like you are nothing but a stranger.

Thank you


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