Imogen Final Draft – Squeeze

8 Jul

He kisses me into black holes
My soul sucked into tongue
No matter how many times his lips meet mine
I want to say ‘bless you’

Instead I swallow my own mouth
Begin to hate my ex for never
Kissing me like he wanted
in not out

Fingertips kiss hips
With a balanced dig and squeeze
I’m breathless as a chain-smoker

my chest rises as his falls.
And there we are.
Lips brushing, tasting
Tantalisingly separate but not

And we will lie
like trespassing burglars
Full of shushing and swaying
Until your bed rots

Reach for the moon and settle for the stars
They say
Fuck that
Give me a supernova.

A black hole.
Destroy me
And I’ll know.
Hell, I’ll know it was worth it.

Take away my out breath.
Kill me with kisses.
Take every single part of my soul
If I’m with you I’m whole.

I bleed your name.
Feel my heart quicken as you tear it from my chest
I’m full of sins.

But burning is purging
Blood to black
bones to ash
Kiss for eternity and rue

The day I said no to you
So get out of your car.
Sit on the grass with me
hands and legs intertwined

Your heart bleeding at the same rate as mine.
Until, we both get sucked in.
We do not fit
Disjointed harmony

It kills me
Arms constricting
Throat twitching
Hands restricting my breath

Stealing what you couldn’t get
Squeezes I used to covet
Turn to fire in your eyes
The smoke will not rise

Silence is too loud
Preventing words
From escaping
Sometimes you get what you wish for.


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