Neal pike stage directions

17 Jul

Neal stage directions

6-10 poets on stage, standing in line, leftwards, some are standing next to each other to portray a bus
neal is in the middle of the bus, neal with handheld mic
Dimmed lights
sylky playing guitar at the outside left of the bus

Poem starts

Line: “The unknown NOTTINGHAM”
Bus changes to queue: extras turning around, facing to the right. Those in second row enter line.
Sylky sits down on floor playing guitar

Line: “the DANCEFLOOR was a beer-soaked space”
Queue changes to dancefloor: extras fill out stage behind neal, dancing. After having found a position, freeze
From now on discolights (different colors changing)

sylky: “you’re way too cool for this place“ ((maybe-try this out))
Sylky: “Sorry mate, this is good stuff“
Sylky slowly going to Neal.

Discolight out to dimmed light after
„It doesn’t agitate like a lagoon
Like it used to”

Line: “my taurine addled brain trots“
Dancefloor changes to bus


After „inky words“ (1person)

After forever awkward (2people)

After „instead of eightteen and awkward“ (2people)

Neal and Sylky standing in the middle at the front of stage
Fade to BLACK


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