Changing location and enhancing my internship

24 Aug

Hello Mouthies,

As most of you will probably know by now I have changed location, but I am still a Mouthy and will be finishing my internship here in London. Part of this change will be writing a weekly blog post to share with you what I am learning (in relation to the internship) and also to give you updates about what I’m up to.

This week though, I thought I would just start by telling you what I am doing and why I have moved. So, From September to the end of January I will be doing a fast-track journalism course, so I can learn all the nitty gritty aspects, such as shorthand, and media law.

My title of my internship with the Mouthy Poets is Evaluation and Funding Intern, which means I have been documenting and researching ways to evaluate our events and teaching, so that we can find ways to improve and grow as a company. For the next few months I will be focusing a lot more on funding, such as finding new sources and forming relationships with possible funders.

This is my fifth day in London now and here are 2 things I have noticed . .

1. You can find a lot of cool free events
2. Every tube journey provides me with a poem

This is an open air theatre I went to on the Southbank:

2014-08-21 22.24.23

If you are interested in finding out anything relating to evaluation or funding let me know and I can try to cover it in a blog post.

Have a good Sunday!


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