What is Mouthy to you?

24 Aug

Mouthy is that fine line between snooze & life, 

Mouthy is the moment I took responsibility.


Mouthy is teeth and dimples – a hug

when you don’t realise it’s all you need. 


Mouthy is Salt and vinigar Square’s – 

a snack you’ve been craving for days


Mouthy is crying so much I can’t breath 

then getting up and saying what I need. 


Mouthy is a hand on my shoulder 

and a plate of fried chicken, Mr Cool’s. 


Mouthy is friendship, 

it’s a challenge, 


it’s a conversation over Ribena 

and confession and bitten nails. 


Mouthy is an alarm clock, 

I don’t yet quiet understand how to use 


But I am definitely awake.


Ioney Smallhorne is currently making a ‘Mouthy is’ film, to show at the beginning of each of our Mouthy tour stops over the next year. I filmed a couple lines from me with her yesterday and then realised – wow, this is a big film and the lines I just gave her were a bit too random to give Mouthy justice. This film needs to show the world the diversity and breadth of what Mouthy does. This is still really a warm up (my 5minutes of daily writing), but I really want to encourage every Mouthy, Alumni and all to think of a couple ‘Mouthy is…’ lines and get in touch with Ioney to film them in the next week.

Because if you don’t, people might never know what Mouthy really is.


Debris x 

p.s. And if you’re not in the Mouthy Poets -why not drop a comment and tell us what we look like to you?


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