Georgina Wilding & Joshua Judson – (title to be decided) MOUTHY TOUR POEM

8 Sep



Our aim with this poem is to create a really performative piece that goes some way towards combining the two separate objectives we had. (George – Will(and losing it), Josh – optimism)
With regard to performance, it’s gonna be character-driven, with George’s sections personifying ‘will’ (aligned left) being delivered in a sarcastic fashion, and Josh’s (aligned right), in a wide eyed, almost delusional, sense of optimism. Almost in a good cop/bad cop way.

We want to really play with the language and make it a lot of fun. We’re also looking into playing with the idea of ‘looking for the will’ in a kind of Where’s Wally way. 
Any further ideas on the concept of the poem, or about another layer that could be added to performance are greatly appreciated as it is early days and we’re still figuring it out :).

Here’s what we have so far:


‘Will.’ He must be the kind of boy 
with blue eyes.

I’ve got two eyes and one goal.
And another one.

Blue like the ocean in the
perfume adverts,

‘Destiny’ by ME.

that laps up against the hot white 

sand of his cheeks,

the cliff side contours of his face.

Sea breeze, the batting lashes

of all the girls bestowed upon him.

If you ever describe that good feeling by saying
‘I feel like a demigod’
shame on you.
You’re a pessimist, God.

I reckon he’s a blonde,
or at least fair. Golden shards of
Mediterranean sun like a halo over
his tall horizon. Like the gates of heaven,
like Hercules’ glow.

You windsinger,
You who can make mountains of molehills
whilst claiming miracles to be impossible.

A real catch, of course. 
Catch being the operative word,
he’s passed around the place like
hot potato, and e v e r y b o d y e v e r
is always always losing him.
‘oooh, I’ve lost the will, I’ve lost the will.’


One Response to “Georgina Wilding & Joshua Judson – (title to be decided) MOUTHY TOUR POEM”

  1. poetclare September 8, 2014 at 2:29 pm #

    Dear Georgina and Joshua

    There’s lots to like here. I like the idea of a poem for two voices, with one sarcastic and the other naïve and optimistic. The good cop/bad cop thing could be good fun.

    I also love this sardonic imagining of a blonde hunk – there’s some great, funny lines ‘blue like the ocean in perfume adverts’ ‘the hot white sand of his cheeks’, lovely. The ‘Hercules’ glow’.

    However, I’m not entirely sure about the central concept.

    Is Will as an abstract quality really opposed to optimism? Couldn’t you be wilfully optimistic?

    And also, aside from being called Will, does this blonde hunk really represent will – the desire and determination to make something happen? He seems rather like a passive lump, who doesn’t have to do anything to get girls ‘bestowed’ on him and is passed around like a potato. He doesn’t seem to have the energy I would associate with will.

    Perhaps I’m misreading something, but I don’t think the central concepts are quite clear enough yet. At the moment it would work better for me with the voices of the ‘cynic’ and the ‘optimist’ just arguing over the blonde guy (or anything else), without straining to make him represent a rather vague concept. 

    Hope that’s helpful (and not the opposite!!) would be interested to hear your response and further thoughts…

    Clare x

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