Tour Poem: ‘Ducks’

8 Sep

This is the poem ‘Ducks’, as it was for Say Sum Thin 7. For the SST7, we required a fun ditty to break up an intense show. As the tour will be very different I would ideally like to add more depth to it and edit it somewhat extensively. Any ideas are welcome.

Male duck waddles on stage playing jaunty guitar. Verbal tone is plain.

I’m a duck swimming in the water
I’m a duck I like lakes not seas
All my friends try to tell me to fly south for the winter
But I don’t care cuz I’m all right with the lake I got here

I’m a duck my friends say I’m stubborn
But I’m just a happy little mallard
Where I am in Nottingham

Female duck prances on stage, stopping alongside male duck. Verbal tone is flirtatiously singing

I’m a duck, I fly south for the winter
So fly with me if you want to keep warm
Fly south with me, fly south for the winter
Think this year we’re headed to the Mississippi river

Male duck isn’t much impressed, female duck becomes frustrated – flaps herself into male duck’s way. Verbal tone becomes irate.

It’s actually, pretty fun and wicked
We soar over coastlines and mountains
And navigate with help from the stars

Mirror ball creates star effect. Male duck is more impressed but not entirely convinced

You’re a duck..?

I’m a duck!

Male duck looks female duck up and down. She shakes her tail feather.

And you’re pretty fit…
So I might

BOTH (singing)
Fly south for a bit!

Guitar stops. Both ducks waddle off together

One Response to “Tour Poem: ‘Ducks’”

  1. poetclare September 8, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    Dear writer of Ducks (sorry, can’t see your name!)

    This is fun. I can see it must have worked really well to break up an intensive evening. I like the line about the happy little mallard from Nottingham! And there are some great, smart half-rhymes that mean it’s technically subtler than it seems (stubborn/Nottingham, winter/river). I like the idea of the disco ball – the lure of a trip guided by stars, but also the way that image makes us think of human courtships in nightclubs…

    I don’t think it needs a lot of editing, but I did have a couple questions, which might help you develop your story a bit – first, why is the male duck not sure the female duck is a duck?

    Also, what’s the moral of this story? Is it actually saying anything? Is the male duck right to leave Nottingham or a fool? Might be worth thinking about if you want the story to get any deeper…

    Not much else I can think to add though really… Enjoyed it though. Hope that’s of some use…

    Best Clare x

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