Debris Stevenson – SST8 Headline Show Idea

13 Dec

The idea

A few months ago my brother was flung face first off of my other brothers fixed gear bike. He was found unconscious at the roadside, my Mum (who was completely unaware he was in the country at the time) was called by the police to pick him up and take him to the hospital. He ultimately lost 4 teeth and had to retrain himself to eat in a variety of humorous ways.

I already have a first draft, using this incident to explore the anecdotal natural of my relationship with my family, my brothers and accidence. The theme of food will really be a small element of the piece as the humour of eating with 4 teeth missing becomes a way of desecrating me and my family from the terror of a road accident.

Where am I? 

I have a super long first draft which I have 2 lots of feedback I need to get implementing – so a first draft coming soon!

The Performance

I have been writing a lot with the page at the forefront of my mind over the years – I want this piece to be the opposite – there will be a real focus on performance, acting and story telling mimicking how my family used to tell me stories growing up.

Well I hope you like the sound of it!



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