8 Reasons why you should be the Education and Management Intern (courtesy of Hayley Green)

19 Dec

8 reasons to be the Education and Management Intern:

1. You get to organise awesome events – Say Sum Thin shows are an integral part of the Mouthy Poets’ work. This internship gives you the opportunity to help develop these shows and take them to the next level.

2. You learn how to run your own projects – getting involved in the projects that Mouthy run will develop your knowledge around organisation and management no end. So if you have your own ideas for projects, this is an amazing opportunity to develop you to the point of heading out on your own.

3. You will help to develop the education outreach work of Mouthy and inspire the next generation of poets. One of the most important elements of the work the Mouthy Poets do, you will help to shape the outreach work in the community and schools. There is fresh talent waiting in classrooms and this is an exciting role giving the opportunity to find it.

4. The sense of pride you get after working on a show – even though it is hard work, nothing can describe the sense of pride you feel after a show knowing that you were at the forefront of making it happen.

5. It’s basically a priceless opportunity that will lead to so many more opportunities – training, mentoring, professional, writing – it’s what you make of it.

6. Personal growth – I’ve grown so much as a person during this internship. The experience it can provide can help you realise your dreams and work towards them. It’s hard work, but the hard work is what helps you develop what it is you want to do and who you are as a person.

7. Professional growth – the skills you learn are invaluable in building your career whatever that is, the knowledge you gain is transferrable.

8. Artistic growth – When completing your internship, Mouthy will always consider your creative career and offer you opportunities to develop it, if that is what you want.


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