Anne on 10 Reasons why you should apply for the Mouthy Poets Publishing and Merchandise Internship Role

19 Dec

So the call-out is, well… OUT.

We are looking for our second batch of Mouthy Interns. These are paid, yes, paid internships which will run for 13 months and offer you money (yes, money) training, mentorship and support. The ‘old’ interns will be handing over at the end of January to 5 new interns.

To give you all an idea of what the role involves, beyond the details in the call-out document, and to give you the opportunity to ask any questions, or prompt discussions on internships in general I’ve asked the ‘oldies’ to come up with a list of reasons why they think you should apply for their particular role.

Here’s my list…

10 reasons why you should apply to be the publishing and merchandise intern

  1. The role of an intern allows you to see how an organization like Mouthy Poets works from the inside which means you get the chance to shape its growth even more.
  2. The training budget allows you to find training you would like to complete and you are offered training that the Management committee finds for you. This could be a poetry weekender where you learn how to get your poetry published, a course in proof reading and copy editing, a course in how to use desk top publishing software. You could attend zine making and bookbinding workshops. You could meet publishers, attend writing conferences – you choose.
  3. Build relationships with other writing organisations in the region and nationally.
  4. Build relationships with small presses and publishers.
  5. Life Coaching hours where you can discuss your career, your writing or any aspect of your life and draw up goals and develop strategies to achieve those goals.
  6. Be as creative as you like with producing material to sell at our events – being the intern means you have free reign to decide on what we sell at our SST events – curate craft fairs, make goods, design goods or commission goods to be sold. Learn about budgeting, pricing and sales in order to boost Mouthy’s income.
  7. Design and publish zines – as intern you have the chance to produce the zine in any way you choose – put together a team to support you – be as creative as you like.
  8. Design and produce programmes for our events.
  9. All of the experience during the period of the internship is a great way of learning new skills, building on your current experience and expanding your CV.
  10. Allows you to shape the way internships are run in future years.

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