Anne – SST8 idea for headline/scratch?

19 Dec

The tomato… a vegetable/fruit I have come to love. There are all sorts of memories that come flashing back when I smell one. I never buy them unless they smell good and strong, I stand in the supermarket sniffing packets and vines like a strange old woman.

imagesHeirloom-Tomato-2 Healthy fresh tomatoes

I hope I can make you all smell the memories with me. I don’t know whether this will be a monologue or what quite yet and I don’t know if these tomatoes are actually metaphors for something else??? That’s what I’m going to start exploring over the next few weeks in free writes and experiments – maybe I’ll do a spoof ready steady cook? Maybe I’ll do a spoof cooking segment for day time TV I dunno…. maybe it will be funny…. then plum-met (get it?Plum? Plum tomato?? Oh never mind…) into pathos… I don’t know – but I reckon this tomato thing has got room to grow.


One Response to “Anne – SST8 idea for headline/scratch?”

  1. secondanne January 9, 2015 at 3:28 pm #

    this is a film about my sister and her relationship with tomatoes

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