Chris McLoughlin – SST8 Headline Show Idea

19 Dec

What the what?

So, the idea I’ve decided on is to approach the death of a loved one through humour.

I know, not the funniest topic to start with …

During a Mouthy Poet workshop, as part of one of the exercises, we were asked to free-write about food, and a memory attached. Through letting my pen ramble, I came out with a piece about a time I had to write an eulogy, but kept getting stuck on cliche phrases such as ‘the beloved’ and ‘congregation’. It was impersonal rubbish, reflecting neither my own thoughts, nor the deceased. My mind wandered, and I recalled a time when a friend convinced me to eat a jam doughnut before purchasing it.

Rebel, rebel.

So I wrote about phoning my Mum, at the age of 21, to confess my crime (I’m pretty sure I paid for the doughnut post-munch, for all the undercover culinary police out there).

Why the why?

The free-write is messy, and unstructured, but it contains what I want to give to SST8 – an account of how the death of a loved one can bring up good memories, not just bad, and to share a personal story with an audience, in the hopes that others might find comfort from it. Hopefully, through a bit of humour, this will come across.

And the food element shall be said stolen doughnut.

(I’ll just put this shoe horn back where I found it now …)

Where the where?

So, I have a piece of free-writing that I will redraft, get feedback on, and generally try to improve. I will practice the performance side of poetry at Open Mics and Spoken Word nights, to build confidence and stage presence.

I will not steal more doughnuts just because I think it might help me ‘relive the experience’.

Chris McLoughlin


One Response to “Chris McLoughlin – SST8 Headline Show Idea”

  1. mouthypoets December 19, 2014 at 1:19 pm #

    Great idea, Chris. Love how you’ve described it and really looking forward to hearing it.

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