9 reasons why you should apply to be Evaluation and Fundraising Intern courtesy of Laura Dedicoat

20 Dec

1. It’s an internship that exists throughout the process of the show but then also beyond it.
2. You get to instantly review Mouthy’s performance and translate that info back to a group who will thrive off the great feedback and grow from the more constructive feedback.
3. You get to continually develop and revolutionise a system/method of gathering information that may have once been considered tedious.
4. It is a vital contribution to Mouthy and its ability to develop and get funding.
5. You get to have direct communication and dialogue with our ever growing and changing audience.
6. The skills that you can gain from this are entirely transferable outside of theatre, performance and poetry in so many ways.
7. The potential for training is invaluable and without funding might not have been accessible before.
8. You are developed as a person AND a professional
9. You get the chance to witness and be involved with the inner workings of the Mouthy Poets.


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