Bridie – SST8 Headline Show Idea

21 Dec

I’d like to construct a poem that looks at the contrast between a busy family dinner and a lonely ready-meal in front of the telly, so very much focused on the social aspect of eating.


Me and Neal are gonna try an experiment with a conversation between two different foods and see where that conversation takes us. Could include more than just me and Neal if anyone wants to get involved. (Open mic/scratch)
This might develop into a solo piece from a particular food’s perspective.


A poem about feeding addiction and starving your brain.


One Response to “Bridie – SST8 Headline Show Idea”

  1. MouthyPoets January 15, 2015 at 10:40 pm #

    Hi Bridie,

    I would definitely go with option one! There are lot of poems that really hone in on a food and I think this idea of a meal will work really well in the show and it also feels like the most concrete of your idea.

    You had a draft with you on Friday? Would be great to take a look?

    Exciting times!
    Debris x

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