Raegan’s SST8 Idea

21 Dec

My piece is going to link comfort eating with consumerism, capitalism and materialism.

Eating disorders are more common today than ever before and a link I think too often goes ignored is the correlation of the increase of eating disorders with the rise of materialism and consumerism. We buy so much crap we don’t need these days and I feel like overeating may stem from the same desire in some people to ‘fill up a hole’ that overspending, hoarding, binge drinking, drug addictions, over-attachment to possessions or over-reliance on clothes, make up or jewellery to feel comfortable do.

We are all guilty of it to some extent, which is why capitalism has been so successful. We all want things we believe are going to make us feel happy or fulfilled. We will always crave the things we think we need. We are constantly bombarded with the message, ‘Consume, consume, consume!’ and well, we are what we eat. When we consume this shit it leaves us wanting, empty; because it has no calorific content, it has no nutritional value. It’s a fake food, which will never fill you up.

Falseness is everywhere. Unrealistic and unachievable, standardised body ‘ideals’ are forced down our throats everywhere we look. Food has become a product, as have bodies. The idea of nourishment has been replaced with the idea of embellishment.

I think there’s also an enormous stigma, shame and suppression surrounding over-eating, far more so (and this may generate some backlash, but I’m all for the discussion) than under-eating. Anorexia and Bulimia cause symptoms that are almost culturally acceptable. Our social narrative prizes the size 6. The sheer volume of ‘pro-ana’ forums, profiles and sites, glamourised #thighgap and #bikinibridge posts next to the often overlooked absence of ‘pro-binge’ content is a demonstration of this.

I think comfort eating comes from feelings of inadequacy, powerlessness, shame and a genuine hunger for soulful nutrition which is greatly lacking in many societies today. It can be seen as a form of self-harm but often I think it’s a sign of self-love, of an empty belly, a starving soul that’s desparately trying to feed itself!

That’s not even to mention the processed substances they sell as ‘food’ these days. To quote Cameron Diaz (who wrote quite a good book about this); ‘Just cause you can chew it and swallow it doesn’t mean it’s food!’

So I think we need to stop swallowing this crap and then we might finally feel full again.

One Response to “Raegan’s SST8 Idea”

  1. secondanne December 21, 2014 at 7:35 pm #

    “if there’s an advert for it, it’s probably not a food”

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