Sebastian King – Headline show Idea SST8

21 Dec

The idea:

After giving the of food a lot of consideration something dawned upon me; I have almost no personal sentiments involving food. Ultimately I decided to think about how food could be a metaphor for something instead, now I’ve decided I’m going to create a poem based on the idea of starvation and deprivation and how a person would affected if they were deprived of something they needed.

The Performance:

My idea for my performance is that I’ll try to make it quite grand which is why I’m thinking that headline may be the place for it. One way I’m going try this is by creating a backing track with using stylophone (and possibly other tools I’m not sure on that yet) because I like the way it sounds and I feel it could give me a retro and rhythmic tune.

Where I’m at:

Currently testing with melodies to see which ones best with performance, then I’m going to work on linking my performance idea to my theme idea.


One Response to “Sebastian King – Headline show Idea SST8”

  1. MouthyPoets January 15, 2015 at 10:23 pm #

    Hi Sebastian,

    How is this idea coming along? It sounds MASSIVE – I think need to narrow down who is being deprived of what and why do they need it? I think you need to start of with some coloured pens a big sheet of paper and brainstorm as many options as possible! E.g. Is a 16 year old girl being deprived of her make up, is David Cameron being deprived of lying, is a Mum being deprived of her child…. Brainstorm at least 20 options! Then choose your favourite 3 and do a 10min freewrite on each! Then we have a clear starting point.

    So excited about the performance – how is your daily rehearsal going?

    Speak soon

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