Adventure Resources Exhausted

10 Jan

Now say that 3 times over as quick as you can…

Adventureresourcesexhaustedadventureresourcesexhaustedadventurereoas[piosnfauieroiefn;aw – nope


Mouthy kicked off again on the 9th with the first workshop of 2015; with the upcoming SST8 the work done was focused around the drafts for the performances and also a recap and organisation on the legwork that the collective do to make the shows a success but as it was my first day on placement I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Deborah warmed up with an exercise to discuss adventures, when your ‘Adventure Resources Exhausted’ you needed to go find some more from the others, one of which was entitled the ‘banana in Isafjordur’ – make of that what you will but the accompanying story was definitely worth listening to. There was a point to this warm up as well, as you’d hope, and that was the focus on the adventure behind a poem. In novels the adventure is laid out for you, so too in film, but in poetry it can often be hard to find. Deborah wanted to focus on how the story of a hero in the ‘ordinary’ world, who journeys to the ‘new’ world, can be applied to a poem – this was obviously done through the use of Pixar. How else, right? The point made was that stories place heroes in their most uncomfortable position to enact an emotional change and provoke a response: Toy Story, for example (other lucrative film series are available), puts Woody in a tight spot each film to then allow him to overcome the difficulty he faces.

Drafts were subsequently made based on this structure or any ideas already developed placed upon it; we then broke off into groups to get some feedback on what had just been written. It was interesting to see how the blueprint was used or flouted – one example of the latter consisted of ignoring the adventure almost completely and replacing it with ‘blah blah apple blah temptation blah blah blah’, whilst at once very funny to hear it also took one of the most well known stories in the world (Eve and the apple, if you weren’t quite sure) and turned it on its head,  to focus on how the adventure affected the new hero. The thing is poetry allows that license, its ability to change and deviate from any structure is part of the reason people enjoy it and also the reason that nothing you hear will be the same as the last.

With or without these heroes, Drafts for SST8 are to be submitted this weekend and so the run into performances on the 27th and 28th of February is in full flow. Alongside the Mouthy Tour these guys are working tirelessly to develop their own work and to voice their opinion; all in all, they’re an impressive group. And so it is that my new placement begins; an adventure in itself.


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