Charlotte – SST8 Scratch Idea

11 Jan

So, hope I’m not pushing it too much here, but as things stand, I have three ideas.

1) I have a fascination with the disposition of the tourist; the mindset; the persona and how you are perceived and feel you are perceived by ‘locals’. I have an idea to chart some thoughts on this through meals I have eaten in foreign places.

2) a death row last meal

3) There is a very successful bakery in Northern Ireland called Ashers. It has been in the headlines in NI recently because it refused to bake a cake which had a pro gay marriage slogan on it. There was an outcry and the Equality Commission, a government body, ruled that the bakery must pay compensation or face legal action. Anti gay marriage politicians in Northern Ireland (there are many and they are very well supported) have objected to this and have proposed to introduce a ‘conscience clause’ into equalities legislation so that if businesses object to something on religious grounds they, in essence, can discriminate. So. I might write about that. There is definitely some humorous potential here. It was a Bert and Ernie cake. And NI politicians are ridiculous.

I think what I need is a few free-writes and then quite a rigid form to get me going, which I can then break out of if I need to. Help.


3 Responses to “Charlotte – SST8 Scratch Idea”

  1. mattylewis92 January 12, 2015 at 12:40 am #

    Love all of these ideas to be honest.

    But I’d scrap 2, cos it feels like filler.

    1 and 3 are both wicked.

    I feel like you wanna do 3 from the tone of this.

    What do you need help with?

    • MouthyPoets January 13, 2015 at 1:19 pm #

      Thanks Matt, you’re right. Will have a go at both 1 and 3 and see how I feel about them then. The personal experience that I can apply to 1 excites me but so does the humourous potential of 3 and a chance to get across some real Northern Irishness, which could be fun. I think you have given me the help I need at this stage!

  2. MouthyPoets January 15, 2015 at 5:11 pm #

    100% Agree with Matt.

    Just to add to your plan, I would give you a bit more structure depending on how much time you have:

    IDEA 1.
    -Choose 5 relevant meals/foods/drinks in relation to this topic.
    -Do 5 back to back freewrites (2min each, timed).
    -Read and choose 1 point from all the writing you want to expand on.
    -Give yourself 10 min to expand.
    -Give yourself 20 min to use all this content to edit together a first draft.

    IDEA 3.
    -Research the story for 20min, as you find lines, words, and bits that you find interesting and entertaining, copy and paste them into a word document.
    -Print this out, cut it up and try and create a first draft of a poem using this found language, give yourself 20min to do this.
    -Give yourself another 20min to type this up and edit it adding bit of yourself.

    -Time yourself and give yourself 5min to nonstop freewrite on each topic. Try and do this before this Friday session so you have something to play with.

    -Once you have a draft/drafts you can see what forms/structures people think might fit the content.

    Hope this helps!
    Debris x

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