Jeiran, Giulia and Ingrid – Headline First Draft

11 Jan

In a restaurant/bar:

The Couple

6pm. Every fucking Friday. In the winter; Candle

ight, In Summer; sunset lit. He sweeps

his spag bol with extra parmesan into his mouth.

‘Why don’t we ever go out anywhere else?’ sometimes

the question dares itself. His reply always seems

to remind me that this was our special

place. It’s not that I’ve forgotten, no. Here,

over the bar. It entrapped us

over midnight and her over a stronger larger.

‘Darlin’?’ It was a hook on a pirate, pulling

me in with a rough and ready. It vibrated.

We edged  closer with our accents.

His sprouting beard, frayed, creased

shirts but not retro or vintage. Tobacco stained

finger tips. We laced.

Travelled train lines to coasts, between us

a bag of greasy, dripping

chips and a cod.

He wipes his mouth clean with a napkin, folding

it back. Crisp, clean, just like his shirt he paid

too much for. To tell his men its name.

What did you see in me? Continuing the conversation, I wait

for him to laugh and paint

my face in the tomato sauce of his plate

or belch out a burp.

I would gladly echo it back and we’d be

like those starting lovers like we were.

we were.

As if his PhD had shoved a fish hook down his throat

and reeled out

all his grubby, greasy, grime.

My chips plunge

into their ketchup

falling limp and soggy.

The Family.

The Drunk.

My shift was almost over, well an hour left.
It was quite on the bar because it was a Wednesday.
I couldn’t see her eyes when she glided in,
all her features held weights and she could have
smashed when she sat on that stool.
I decided not to greet her with the usual fake smile
that most costumers got. She deserved better.
Can I have a glass of rum please? She mumbled,
I was prepared for her mumbling but as soon as
I had given her the glass she perked up,
took a sip and our brown gazes met. She said,
do you ever wonder why we need other people,
we’d get hurt a lot less often if we just stayed alone.
I replied by saying I’ve wondered but never
realistically considered it. No matter how much
you try to stop yourself from hurting, something always
tends to come along and swing from your smile,
change the frequency with its feet while it hangs there.
Her eyes wandered when she said that it wasn’t fair
and that drinking makes it busier upstairs
so you may as well be two people and have
a conversation with yourself. She asked why
do you think that people associate talking to yourself
with madness and gulped down the last of her rum.

technical requirements: isolated spotlights. we have an idea of having a very very small table and a few chairs to rotate round for each snippet. also giulia is possibly not gonna make the 28th so we’re thinking of having a video projection for her bit. running time….  I’m estimating 8? maybe 10


3 Responses to “Jeiran, Giulia and Ingrid – Headline First Draft”

  1. mattylewis92 January 12, 2015 at 12:47 am #

    ‘something always
    tends to come along and swing from your smile,
    change the frequency with its feet while it hangs there.’

    Like that a lot.

  2. MouthyPoets January 15, 2015 at 5:26 pm #

    Hello Ladies –

    I really really really enjoyed this – so quickie and interesting and characterful. I really like the idea of several diffference perspectives from one place and I feel the writing styles here resonate nicely. I am not going to go into a line edit at the moment because I feel at this stage it is about the purpose of the overall piece and the collaborative nature of what you want to achieve. With that in mind I have some questions I think the three of your should find answers to…

    -What is the relationship between the three of you as performers and the three pieces as poems? It needs to be a purpose bigger than them all being in the same space. What are all these pieces trying to say and how does that relate to each other?
    -Are you going to integrate these texts somehow? At the moment they read like 2 poems next to each other in a book or a suite of poems… is that what you want? Or do you want one poem?
    -Swearing – remember the show is 12a… how are you going to address this?

    Really really excited about this – are you still planning on incorporating visuals and music somehow?

    Speak soon
    Debris x

  3. Anne January 21, 2015 at 1:41 pm #

    Hello ladies – really enjoy the difference between the characters – and keen to hear how these words sound delivered by each other – as I can hear you in your writing – so to hear Jeren perform Ingrid’s (etc) will be great – I think you are bang on track but this will be in the main about the staging – maybe shave a think about how we can show this off to its best in the zine?

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