Nadia Scola -Headline Show First Draft (unfinished)

11 Jan

What’s your favourite?

Great have you been in shower?

No dear

You want me


Are you busy or u won’t answer me


Did you get my msg dear?


Oh dear how long you want for shower

I’m not aggressive

Really oh my god dear I tell you true

Still you don’t trust me

How you want me to be with you

Good answer dear

Eat something first then shower

Oh my god my babe

I’m feeling you shy

Can’t wait for you to no me

Have u had some food for eating

Lovely babe

Don’t be shy my life ok

Its ok sweetheart give me a kiss

Why u silent what’s wrong can I help u my love

Have u been in love before

I miss u what can I do


Don’t work all the time please dear

U love me

I don’t like lies and I don’t like cheating plz if u understand

Oh babe

I’m on the metro now

Miss u

Promise I want u for life and never let u tired

I know you don’t but I said I don’t want lies

Nice I like your mind

I can’t live without you

Wow my love


3 Responses to “Nadia Scola -Headline Show First Draft (unfinished)”

  1. MouthyPoets January 15, 2015 at 6:29 pm #

    Hi Nadia,

    Feels like you are doing something really specific hear, can you tell me a bit more about this piece and what you want to achieve with it?

    Very exciting!

    Debris x

    • Nadia January 15, 2015 at 10:17 pm #


      Basically my work is based on communication online and in Cyber Space and how people rely on it so much. Did you see the film piece that Anne put up on behind the scenes wall.
      That was my work so I didn’t write the transcripts It was a conversation that took place on a dating website. I am the female voice.
      I hired the actors and worked with them for six months to create the piece

      This piece above is another conversation/transcript that took place.
      I wanted instead to make it into a type of monologue.
      the gentleman constantly repeated himself asking if I had eaten, showered, where I was ect. I wanted to play with this a little bit. So it is not directly to food.

      I don’t want to perform it though. I was looking into asking people to perform the piece or hire people like I did before.

      If u want I am happy to show the transcript of what took place.

  2. Anne January 21, 2015 at 1:59 pm #

    Once you are certain about the exact piece of text you are going to use I think it will be a question of how you stage this – as it is from actual conversations it’s hard to comment on the words – but you can certainly play with the structure and repetition – I wonder if there is a way to work this piece in with the setting of someone else’s poem? Do you know if you want actors/voices/film/taped voices?

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