SST8: Scratch Show Idea- Chloe Lee

11 Jan

Hi everyone,

I have two possible ideas for the Scratch show, both of which I will draft and see which one sounds best. It would be greatly appreciated if you could feedback and tell me which sounds most promising.

1) A poem in the persona of a man-eating woman who metaphorically feeds off men i.e. attention and flattery. It will be written as though she is very apathetic but in fact, she is just lonely.

2) A poem conveying how people believe everything that they hear/see in the media and are becoming increasingly obsessed with it. The media is ‘our food’ and is for some people, viewed as a means of survival (like food).

I quite like the Wikipedia idea we used in a session a couple of weeks ago and will try this for both.

Let me know your thoughts 🙂


3 Responses to “SST8: Scratch Show Idea- Chloe Lee”

  1. mattylewis92 January 12, 2015 at 1:06 am #

    Hi Chloe,

    I think both ideas have promise.

    My hesitation with the second would be that ‘the media’ is a huge topic, regularly covered and it would be easy to fall into traps of generalisation and ill-thought common feeling. Having said that, I really like the idea of the media being ‘our food’ and that angle could be a clever way of taking on this topic so as to avoid those pitfalls.

    I like the first idea also, because I like the idea of using character and it feels like you have a strong basis for one in there. Might lend itself to a poetic monologue if that’s the kind of thing you wanted to do.

    Go with the one that makes your gut wriggle.


  2. MouthyPoets January 15, 2015 at 6:14 pm #

    Hi Chloe,

    I kinda feel you could do both? Take the character in idea one, but include media in her ‘feeding of men’ – she could talk to men on social media, post youtube videos asking if she is pretty or ugly, watch america’s next top model obsessively? Then this character can stand as an example of someone feeding of the media and who it tells her she is? And then the loneliness at the end can still stand.

    Does this sound feasible?

    I am interested in how you are going to use the Wikipedia method with this? What pages will you be using?

    Very excited about this – really interesting and topical ideas here!

    Speak soon
    Debris x

  3. Anne January 21, 2015 at 1:54 pm #

    I agree with Debs in that you can combine the 2 topics – I think the character of the woman is more exciting and gives you space to explore but you can work-in the way the media has ‘informed’ her behaviours and her understanding of men.
    Is there a collaboration possible her so we get a male and a female perspective?

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