Laura Dedicoat – SST8 Scratch Idea

15 Jan

Reposting the idea to register for the Scratch show. Struggling with the writing of this piece at the moment so cannot meet the deadlines for the headline, but relieved we have the scratch show! Still gonna workon it to get ready for the next Scratch deadline.

Barbecue Mayo Chips On The Wall

Where I grew up there was a wall that everybody knew. In the day it was a place to hangout but later in the day and early evening everyone would move the party to the park and the wall would be the place where you’d just sit and reflect or think. Opposite is Hollywood Fish Bar ( I live in Amplace called Hollywood so it’s a geographically accurate name , not just a cheesy attempted at being American) and so when I was a trainee youth worker that would be the spot where I’d chill with whichever young person needed to talk. We’d order barbecue Mayo chips. The wall and that specific food order was the only constant about those times.

My idea was to have a fake wall on stage to sit on. At the beginning order the chips which are too hot to eat so start to explain to the audience about who I am and what I do. Still addressing the audience, I’d sit on the wall to talk about the kids and one by one different Y/P with various problems come sit next to me and prtend to talk to me about it through mime (can be over dramatised in places for comedic relief). I’d have a rucksack with various props in it to help comfort each student to show I’m always there and prepared to help also offer them a chip. By the end of the pice there’d be no chips left but all the kids have been helped so it’s alright.


2 Responses to “Laura Dedicoat – SST8 Scratch Idea”

  1. MouthyPoets January 15, 2015 at 7:55 pm #

    I really love this idea! Feels like you have the narrative 100% down so it is just about how you want it to sound and look poetically – do you want it to be conversational, musical… prose poem, sestina… A sestina could be quiet interesting because of the rotation of young people coming back and repetition of the chip being taken?

    How have you been approaching writing so far? To me, you have the idea, so if I was you I would just do a 10min freewrite and give myself like an hour to have a crack at putting it into a sestina and see what happens. Sound feasible?

    Speak soon

  2. Anne January 16, 2015 at 1:32 pm #

    Hey Laur – added to what Debs has said above, I think you have a sound structure here too. I particularly like the way you are giving away a chip at a time and leaving you with ‘nothing’ and wonder of you can work that into a form? Love the idea of a sestina. I’d be really interested to read any interim drafts.

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