The Friday Workshop 2015: Take 2

17 Jan

Another week has passed, another week gained on the upcoming Say Sum Thin 8.

This week Debris was interested in form and in particular prose poetry. A rebellious movement starting in France it looked to move away from the standard fixed forms of poetry…ironically it now finds itself as an established form in its own right – awkward.

To begin the session we were handed a list of statements; we were asked whether we agreed or disagreed with them and why, a few stood out and one in particular to me.

“No matter how much you know, you can always know more”, this was under the heading of “what makes good art?” and the unanimous opinion was one of agreement – as you will probably find yourself thinking. However, ‘you can’ doesn’t mean that you’ll act on the knowledge you gain or even look to gain more in the first place. This is surely dangerous, to stay within a comfort zone of ‘knowing’ and produce from what you only already know, but arguably ‘good art’, a subjective term if ever there was one, has been created from the same idea over and over…dare I say the name Hirst? And fashion, the constantly evolving aesthetic which replays the past. As with many of the statements there was rarely a surefire yes or no; exceptions have to be made, changes need to be made.

Changing and evolving poetry is an essential part of the writing process and this is what Debris built up; drafts are adapted to a new style, not to say that they must end up in prose but to provide a different angle, a new perspective. We also did this with the verbs in our poems, using a thesaurus we were asked to change every verb in our drafts so that we looked more specifically at our word choice and unsurprisingly some of the results were odd but others added just that little bit more to them. Consequently a lot of us found that we were discovering new words – despite what we knew we could know more and this helped make our work better.

Aside from the poetry more ‘behind the scenes’ work was done for SST8. The Twitter hashtag #SST8 is now in use and so make sure you’re getting involved; let us know you’re coming, how the drafts are coming on and how obviously very excited you are! Some flyer examples were also on show and just you guys wait, they’re almost worth framing and will be spread across the city soon. Mouthy will be shouting from the rooftops or more likely the streets (damn health and safety) so listen up and join us at Djanogly City Academy Theatre on the 27th and 28th of February.

Details can be found here:

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