Nadia Scola : Headline Show saysumthin 8 Second Draft

25 Jan


  • I would like to no if it makes some form of sense. If you can understand the structure of the piece.
  • I had an idea of what the character is like however…After Friday I felt he came across too creepy. I want the audience to see this scary character of desire and need to be loved and have someone but also sympathies this desperation he has. Is this portrayed?
  • Is it to repetitive. ?


  • I can picture it low lit at the moment. I am not sure if a lot of movement is going to take place but all i can say for now is low lit.

What’s your favourite?. Great have you been in shower?. Nice I like your mind.
No dear. I’m sorry. Sweetie. Let me know when you finish. Babe. You like it.
I know I’m not rushing you I give you time. Trust me I’m not.
Are you busy or u won’t answer me? Why u not answer me ? Did you get my msg dear?

Great. Oh dear how long you want for shower? what do u use for removing hair is your legs?
u like it. if u use creams of jell its bad for your skin my love.
Eat something first then shower.
Trust me I’m not aggressive.

How you want me to be with you. Good answer dear.
Babe. Are you cold?
When you wanna rest in my cuddle. I’m not talking about sex cus everyone like sex.
I’m feeling you shy ?
Can’t wait for you to no me

Have u had some food for eating?. Lovely babe kiss babe?
Don’t be shy my life ok.
Why u silent what’s wrong can I help u my love.
My love u here.
Its ok sweetheart give me a kiss

Have u been in love before? I know if u no me really u never let me go.
Busy. I miss u what can I do . If u want me happy talk to my love.
U don’t want me anymore? My love u there

I don’t like lies and I don’t like cheating plz if u understand.
You never listen to me. Miss u.
You dont want me I’m ready for everything with you.
I know you dont but I don’t want lies. Again you broken me.
I can’t live without you.
do you want me?.
why not if u want me why u not telling me yet?.
if u want me to listen to me u can see your future my love
and i believe you forever
why u not answer me


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