Sebastian King – Headline show draft 2 SST8

25 Jan

Here is the second draft for my SST8 piece, since last time it’s grown a lot in length (maybe a little too much) so I’m thinking one of my objectives may be to chop it down now for the final version. Any and all criticism is appreciated. (Sorry if it’s a little overwhelming to read it sounds better performed)

Also I’m going to be putting the backing melody track I made to go along with this in the next few days (probably Wednesday).

Hello, meet me, I am the narrator.
Narrator, innovator and story creator.

Creator of stories and poems so divine.
So please take a moment to here this story of mine.

First there’s a theme, the beginning of our tale,
so without further ado please let me unveil.

The theme is of food, the kind that you eat, the kind that you smoke, bake and feast.

You know of food, physical food form of sustenance.
Needed to live, we have so much dependence.

And when the food is at none.
Then we’ll all be gone.

As any and all forms of sustenance,
are of course needed to sustain us.

And there is link also involving these thoughts of food.
So as I continue my story I will also allude.

The tale starts with I, a man of vast and wide intellect
and a young quite smart, a crazed and great genius.
A master of the mind living on the planet of the brainless,
and thus I’m this boundless, pinnacle of greatness.

So one day as I sit and I’m pondering,
pondering, wondering, burdening each thought with a rough sense of forthcoming.

I thought a thought in my head thought long and thought straight,
I wondered and pondered and soon did fixate.

I wondered why I, a man with knowledge so honed,
sat on this high horse and why sat their alone.

I wondered why men, of such knowledge and odyssey,
were regarded as strange and had become such oddities.

So I swallowed my thoughts like the food aforementioned.
When the answer came clear with no discord or tension.

“People are stupid, so daft and so foolish
All of dumb and yet so proud and exclusive.”

So as I sat on the high horse I once again pondered,
Why were they so foolish I pondered and wondered.

And so as I ponder and wonder, each thought growing stronger, and stronger,
I willfully wonder worrying not of of what wet weary thoughts will be coming over yonder.
And as I wondered and I pondered, each thought alluded, not concluded but still excluded, convoluted and leaving me confounded.

Suddenly I stopped,
wondered much less, and pondered no more,
as my thoughts reached a climax I uttered few more words.

“So people are stupid, daft and they often delude.
But their acceptance of this is often refused?”

“So there must be a reason, an excuse of some kind,
a reason, an answer, something hidden or entwined?”

And it the facts hit me, hit me hard and hit fast,
the understanding spread wide and spread vast.

Now to hear sight, this epiphany I ask that you wait just a few brief and short moments,
and think to my earlier comments of both food and its sustenance.

Now think of that word “sustenance” know think how the sustenance offers us substance and because we have substance we have existence.
Now imagine that idea implemented on food, that task is quite easy I sure you found so
But now imagine if the idea of that significant sustenance, held some importance outside of that prominence?

What if I told you that this theme and food that speaks necessities could be allied to knowledge, facts and human integrity?

See the the knowledge is food, and you’ve been restricted,
held away from the facts you with your knowledge of facts forever obstructed.

You may disagree and may think I’m wrong,
But just keep that in mind as I continue my song.

Firstly you must think, think long and think hard, I beg that you do so
Think of all the things in the world that you never did know.

Think of those of the evil, the oil spill blunders.
Think of the death, the rape and the murders.

Think of the famine, think of the war,
think why you never thought about these before.

Think of the news and think what it’s told you,
Think of the of the people that you’ve sold your soul too.

Think of the news and how its run by the pompous
Think how they spout lies to deceive us.

Think of the world, even the ignored bits,
Think of how African children are currently starving.

Think about you, think about you as a person,
you have the right to have be fed knowledge you aren’t a possession.

Think of that of that knowledge, think and implore,
Think “why did I never think about that before” ?

So to you people I ask, ask poignantly so
Take a moment and think about the things you never did know.

And so as I leap off the high horse,
among this rough world of discord.

My lament is finishing.
Thank you for listening.


One Response to “Sebastian King – Headline show draft 2 SST8”

  1. Anne February 1, 2015 at 1:33 pm #

    I’m really excited by the idea of a narrator and wonder if there is a way we could use you to link the show as a whole? I mean to interject between other people’s poems?
    So – you spend a lot of time telling us about how you are thinking and not much time telling us about your thoughts – I’d be inclined to cut a huge chunk of the beginning and concentrate on what you are wanting to say – I feel like you still haven’t got to the nut of it? So go and explore that more and although the job of a narrator is to tell us stuff you don’t have to tell so much – lead us through your thought process, show us the inside of your brain (woah! Scary stuff!!!) and we will understand.
    Really looking forward to seeing you perform 🙂

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