The Friday Workshop: Take 3

25 Jan

The third workshop.

35 days until Say Sum Thin 8.

This Friday we worked on the relationship with the poem; we played with the way in which it was performed focusing on the kind of emotional state the narrator was in. Quite often you will know how you think the poem should sound, possibly without thinking much about it and so Friday night was about changing the poem – not with words but by voice. Experimentation is one of the key elements to development and in an effort to change the way we thought about our poems, much like with the verb synonyms last week, we were asked to change the narrator’s emotional state.

Past this task we also looked at how others performed our poems; hearing the works read by someone other than the author is an interesting and useful experiment, it allows you to take a step back from your poem and really listen to it for once.  In our case it seemed to be very useful as it sorted a few key issues on how to phrase sections, how to portray the character and how to present the persona.

Knowing your persona is vital to a convincing performance, you need to know the character you are creating to really convince those listening and to strengthen the overall poem. The task we were provided to do this was to answer a series of questions about the poem’s character: What is your age? Where do you sleep? What is your greatest fear? Amongst others, these questions asked for both simple and intimate knowledge of the persona so that the relationship with the poem, they key word for the workshop, was strong and certain.

Looking forward from this workshop we have the Cambridge tour date on the 7th, find info and ticket links here and we are very excited to announce Hollie McNish will be supporting the Mouthy Poets on the stage!

Say Sum Thin 8 is on its way to being absolutely awesome: we now have flyers, so Nottingham people look out for them as we’ll be bombarding the streets and shops from now and we’re starting to work out technical parts of our production. BE EXCITED. BE THERE. GET TICKETS.

“Task to Go”

From each workshop we will now put out a task on this review section to let you guys try it out at home! Let us know how you get on by contacting our Twitter / Facebook or by commenting below!

This week we looked at projection and the pitch at which we should be performing our poems at…unsurprisingly this means that often we aren’t doing it right.

To pick your perfect pitch:

– Place two hands over each other on your sternum (or if there are more than just you you can place a hand on their back)

– Pick a sound that makes your chest vibrate (HUH seems to work)

– You will sound silly but now make this sound over a varying amount of pitches and see where your chest vibrates most

– Congratulations you have found your perfect projection pitch!


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