The sugar war sst8 poem- James Fields

25 Jan

The sugar war.

2015. Lieutenant James Fields SAS

Gingerbread soldiers chase me riding fire breathing freddo’s.
No time to hesitate. I pick up a candy cane and turn into the mighty Thor, crushing them in a blitzkrieg of sugar with every swing!
There’s too many of them… I can’t keep this up.

I use my SAS  ( sugar army soldier) training and quickly open a pack of millions, then throw them on the floor behind me. The freddo’s slip and slide struggling to get up, causing a barrage of curse words to erupt from their gingerbread masters.
Just for good measure I throw an atomic fireball. They run in fear as the fireballs explode in a sea of demolition inspired by my childhood.

Suddenly a jawbreaker strikes me bang on. I crumble to the floor..

The fox’s biscuits panda is on the warpath.

I suppose I did just steal a million chocolate gold coins from him.

He’s not so big. I could probably take him truth be told. But he’s brought another not so cuddly bear as back up.


That vicious war cry was the last thing my sugar army comrades heard, before they were thrown into a vat of yoghurt by his cold. Callous and calculating hands.

End of the line. Nowhere else to run.

Deep breath.

I pull out my Bertie Bassett Bazooka and prepare for what could be my last stand……..


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