Alex Motormouf’s SST8 piece

26 Jan

Apple’s for cigarettes

I get up in morn
I’m poured on to sharp rock like flakes that rake the roof of my mouth.
Corn crunches
It’s 11:23
Still too early
I’m having breakfast for lunch and last night’s pizza hut for brunch later
Fool myself to a hot bev and a cigarette as if I reeeaally need it today.
all though
this sugar coated head rush will go down as soon as I hit town for a mix of groceries and
…plastic dinners for TV’s
I sit in front of it as I write my list using a strawberry flavoured pen I equipted from my little brothers pencil case
As I write what my stomach desires something turns when turn to the news

74% of the population in Britain are against changes to trespass laws that would allow fracking companies to drill under homes without permission.

Hmm…I guess the other 36 don’t mind cocaine and fluoride in our water supply.
OH! Almost forgot
Colgate ain’t great




Two of your five a day

Innocent smoothies are guilty pleasure



*click off*

Suddenly the after taste of procrastination fills every tongue bud, I rush!
In my haste I accidentally scrub using a noveltie bar of bacon flavoured soap my mate gave me from his vacation,
Cheers Nige! It’s not as if I didn’t really want the scent of a swine!

I bike hard towards the market with an awkward aroma of pig carcass and right guard.
Destination reached, peach fuzzed my head is, vitamins and antioxidants should do the trick, and along comes Curtis

‘Aleeex!’ He bellows through my hangover like a hairy dog bite but I keep right

‘safe bro, just came to get…’

And before I finished he started

‘got a cigarette?’

‘….err, yeah..I’ve only got camel fags though and they’re a bit rough’

‘doesn’t matter, I’ve been here since quarter to six, tell Ya what I’ll trade Ya 2 Apple’s for 2 camel’s’

An innocent trade was my initial thought…I twist off the stalk, that’s when the irony caught up

Apple’s for cigarettes

I would bite and he would light

Apple’s for cigarettes

My teeth puncture red skin while his fingertips get yellow

Apple’s for cigarettes

I try my best to avoid the pips and I never eat the core but these are minor dangers and his are nonchalantly more

His Adams’s Apple for fruit I now grapple after eating the first

‘…Alex, (inhale) you alright? (exhale then cough)’
I’m silent, usually I can’t get a word in

But now all I can think about

Is that the Apple might’ve had a worm in


One Response to “Alex Motormouf’s SST8 piece”

  1. Anne February 1, 2015 at 1:20 pm #

    Love it, the pace, the internal rhymes, the humour, the concept of apples for cigarettes – I can’t of get where you’re going with it, but you skip over fracking stuff –
    is twhat you’re saying that the food we’re being sold is as bad for us as the other stuff we pump into our bodies?

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