Joshua Judson – Headline Show 2nd Draft.

26 Jan

Still embryonic.
Don’t feel like I’ve had a long enough gestation period to know where this is going yet.
The sex of this word baby is, as yet, unclear.

I’ve changed a few lines.

I wanna know whether what I’m trying to do with the poem is clear.
Say what you think I’m trying to say in your comment, as well as usual feedback shenanigans. Thank you.


Tech stuff – wash. nowt else. ta.




At 8, I don’t know where tea comes from,
but if it comes unsugared, I’m sending it back.

My young tongue needs sweetness
like my hand needs a bigger hand
to squeeze it across the road.

Tea comes after family meals,
Dad places hot mugs of routine on the table.
Coasterless, I make my mark.
Brown, unbroken circle on waxy tablecloth.

Tea stained sugar slush swirls,
I start losing milk teeth
and either these mugs are getting smaller,
or my hands are getting bigger.

Now, I learn the click bubble click of kettle.
A new corner of the kitchen is taught to me.

click bubble click, a new kitchen, 2011.
click bubble click, limescale taste, university.
click bubble click, sugar never appearing on my receipts.
or at the bottom of the mug.

At the crossing, my hand twitches
for something bigger, then falls empty into pocket.

One Response to “Joshua Judson – Headline Show 2nd Draft.”

  1. Anne January 27, 2015 at 1:04 pm #

    almost there I reckon… I hear you saying that you are growing up, and as much as you are making changes and leaving behind all that childhood stuff, it is still in the bones of you and although you are going through the motions of being all grown up you still have that knee jerk reaction to where you look for reassurance. You don’t need to have your hand held any more but it’s a hard habit to drop (and maybe sometimes you do need the hand).

    Not sure about the time line stanza, new kitchen, univesrity (bit tell-ey?) Maybe limescale taste of shared kitchen??

    Not sure about what you are trying to say about sugar? Why don’t you take sugar any more? Do you till like the taste but think it’s childish? Trying to be sophisticated? Do you loathe the taste? I’d like to know a bit more about that – I mean not in loads of words but just to give me a sense of why you are mentioning the sugar.

    I really enjoy the simplicity of this though Josh – a really clear and simple story that loads of us can identify with, yet still gives a sense of you.

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