Scratch draft for SST8 – Chantelle Morrison

3 Feb



What would you like to order for your poorly made function?


EAT, and let me take away your comfort,

that long awaited relief,

moment of peace in digestion.

Let me take away that last emotional connection from the taste buds,

that crutch,

those needful desires.


FEED, and let me fill you as I take away emptiness,

miss-shape, scar and stretch you.

Let me take-away your breath,

your focus,

YES focus on me! as I apply more pressure.

Now I am your only thought,

Let me take away a beat or two, now palpitate,

Let me freeze your mind in the moment and apply the pain,

as I take away your options,

your aim of filling that void,

the bag,

that envious void, that sits on the pancreas.


Let me empty you from within,

fill you with tight air and pressure as they plunge beneath the darkness.


Then let me take away that now emptiness in your mouth,

lets fill it,

let it projectile,

let it be free and explore so fast and freely.


Finally, let me take away the hunger smothered in hope,

the now pointless need for this inadequately made tissue,

weak and unjustly performed gullet.


SPEAK, did you enjoy your takeaway?

be it fast and conveniently inconvenient, all for your convenience.


Chantelle Morrison


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