Neal pike temporary sst8 draft

6 Feb

Putting this on here so certain people can give me feedback I can work on for Sunday thank you

He grabs sausages from a tree his face a cracked egg smile
as my dad makes dinner for his plants shrouded in a purple jumper of light
his eyes don’t see me hands clawed around one of his beers
a intruder in his peace time
he is a pottering mass of pink Floyd tea and wine gums
I am a jabbering mess of rotten wine gum thoughts

in the garden where I am growing into you

His eyes notice me as im burrowed in the worktop don’t do that il have a heart attack
I throw words of Sheffield Wednesday and rockstars with walking sticks at him
catches them in and puts them in his ears but I see them red wine drizzle out of the other side
he bustles around the kitchen hollering theres always plenty
as my brother and his girlfriend are a pair of laughing faces in the living room
laughing at us I sit in the worktop as he cooks smiles to fill our loving bellies
one day I wonder will I be in the kitchen in his shoes pottering to brand new
with the love and care that he does

in the garden where I am growing into you

thanks for cracking my head open filling with music and the notion to love everything at least once
and when all seems lost grab a bag of sweets and a glass of whisky
and wallow for only a spilt second
and for planting seeds in my head seeds of you
they are bursting slowly growing
one day I will become you or just like you

In the garden where I am growing into you


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