The Friday Workshop: Take 5

7 Feb

This week we had Panya the Poet taking the workshop. The focus this week, with only 3 to go until Say Sum Thin 8, was getting feedback and really developing the work we had already.

As a quick starter task we were asked to create a poem from a sheet with a random selection of sentences and of course what you get to see is the variation of the minds of Mouthy. Some very surreal texts were created and others very serious but it worked towards picking out strong lines that spoke to us – something that can be useful when editing and creating a poem to see which lines strengthen it, a point picked up on last week by Roger Robinson.

Split into groups we worked for some time so that each person could get detailed feedback on their poem, something especially important as we get ever closer to the big day!

Today (Saturday 7th) some of Mouthy are in Cambridge to perform on tour at the Mumford Theatre. You have to admire the ability of these guys to go to uni/ to work/ write for SST8/ perform on Tour and then do everything else you want and need to do in life. There is only one more tour stop before SST8 and all production teams are working hard to create an incredible event for YOU.

SO. Head over to the event page for Say Sumthin 8, get a taste for what you can expect.

Buy Tickets too: Scratch and Headline.

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Check out our website; for upcoming events, the new Poet Focuses, news and everything you could dream of!

Task To Go

Head to a public place and discreetly position yourself somewhere you can eavesdrop on a conversation.

Listen to what they’re saying and try and pick up on a line that interests you then develop it. Take that line and create a poem or piece of prose.

Inspiration for poems are all around us, you just need to listen up and hear it!


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