Hayley Green – Headline – Line Edit

8 Feb


Here is my latest draft. I have had some feedback since but no time to implement it ye, but still wanted to put something up. The bits in bold and italicised will probably be replaced.

TECH: I’m thinking of having a red wash but nothing more extravagant with the lights. Slight possibility of projection (my own images). Might use those blocks they said they had for staging, defo won’t need anything special bringing in. 1 x mic and stand please. That’s all for me.

Time: 1 minute 30 (2 minutes to be safe)

Ode to Our Jam Roly Poly

My flour and butter parcel,

sticky red splurging from your folded corners.

You were Gran’s kisses in the kitchen on Sundays

when arguments boiled over in the living room.

We snuggled in a cuddle of steam,

lamb, slow stewing in the oven.

A little bit of Sunday sugar helps the bile stay down

Tucked behind the service hatch,

we’d bake you to distract. Spittle sugar loud over

threats of leather belts slapping backs.

On the days the living room boiled into the kitchen,

you wore a cling film coat, left our stomachs –

our taste buds un-hugged, our sweet tooth bitter

with every mouthful of over peppered dinner.

A little bit of Sunday sugar helps the bile stay down

Gran still spooned us extra love.
We outcasts –

lumps of hand me down pastry from big brother apple pie

squeezed with strawberry jam so we both bled

the same colour through identical slits I knifed

into our skins.

A little bit of Sunday sugar helps the bile stay down


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