Joshua Jones last Headline draft

12 Feb

Coffee Date

With the flask I carried now uncovered

steam from my coffee dosidoes upward

I unfold my well worn camping stool

to perch myself down in this field

across from me the woman I married

over four and a half decades ago

in fact today is an anniversary of sorts

when we were young we’d sit on a blanket

in summer, I wouldn’t need the jacket

and we’d enjoy cuddles and footsies

but like the faded grass of this lawn

bodies wither, among even the strong

and the first frost has come and gone,

this field’s not in its glorious Spring

so a bouquet for my bride I bring

“Sorry to keep you waiting my Lovely. There was a traffic accident on Alferton Rd. You okay? No fear, I didn’t forget the coffee. Wouldn’t be much of a coffee date without it. I suppose today’s the anniversary… And as always my stool…it’s not my most comfortable of chairs, tell you that. Then again neither was the bench we first kissed on I suppose, but that didn’t seemed to matter to us, did it?”

one might think I’d run out of words as

if the flow of my conversation was like

a dam whose verbal reservation had run dry

but as a musician’s concentration is

dedicated to one instrument alone

and can make music without a thought

my words dance from my mouth unhindered

freely sharing thoughts about friends

neighbours, our kids and their children

The tears and chuckles come and go

But that I need to tell her, this I know

Is she aware of the other woman?

“So, uh… You may already be aware of this…I met someone for lunch on Wednesday. Oh, it was Kelly… you know… you’ve met her. At Christmas parties. She was PA to one of my colleagues. Wednesday was the first time we met out of the office… the two of us.”

I wait for her to say something!

I feel the weight of my ring

Is this betrayal? Does it sting?

Does she think my words a Judas kiss?

Have I mocked our love in saying this?

What’s she thinking of me now?

Have I broken my wedding vow?

I slow my breath and speak with calm

as I clear my throat to drop the bomb

“It was nice. I enjoyed talking with her. It made me feel warm. Don’t misunderstand. It’s not like with you. I feel so safe talking with you. I always have. But… I do want to see her again. And I need you to know that my love for you has not decayed with time. Here are some tulips, they had them in your favourite colour. I love you. Goodbye my darling.”

And in that way I end my coffee date

with no more guilt or self-hate

and release the tulips at the base

of that stone which I’ve known

and talked with for five years today

and I leave the cemetery


One Response to “Joshua Jones last Headline draft”

  1. mattylewis92 February 23, 2015 at 8:05 pm #

    shit, genuinely didn’t see that coming. Awesome

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