neal pike the garden sst8 final draft

15 Feb

here it is 🙂

He grabs sausages from the fridge which he then enters in a pan
dad makes dinner for his two plants shrouded in a jumper of purple light
I am the plant pot on your worktop with my right hand clawed around YOUR beer
sitting there waiting to unleash these words
you are a pottering mass of pink Floyd wine gums and tea
I am a jabbering mess of rotten wine gum thoughts

in the garden where I am growing into you
These wine gum thoughts have festered in my brain all day
waiting to become racing greyhounds on your brain
you duck and dive them
liver and sausage cook in the pan
they smell like home they smell like you
my open mouth is breathing in the smell of you
becoming you
wandering if one day il be pottering in a kitchen to brand new
In the garden where I’m growing into you

you cracked my head open egg like
filled it with sarcastic responses to life
“do you want a beer”
NO, where is my beer?
I grab you a beer as we talk about the day and music
its head is a ice cream but you wouldn’t like me perfect

In the garden where I am growing into you


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