Ingrid Mclaren- Headline- Final Draft

16 Feb


A: I need to hide, someone is after me.
B: Not unless you buy something.
A: Can I have some a glass of rum please?
B: Appleton Estate White?
A : Sure. Don’t you wonder why we don’t just stay alone,
we’d be safer if we did.
B: Safety is an illusion, nothing is completely safe.
No one is cruel enough to punish me for the things I punish myself for.
A: It’s not fair and drinking makes it busier upstairs
so you may as well be two people and have a conversation with yourself.
I just want to be a puppy
B: What can I get you?
C: Who’s crying?
B: My colleague’s cat died today, she had it for 15 years
C: Erm… ok we’ll have a Bailey’s and a Southern Comfort, thanks
B: Coming straight up
(sigh) no matter how hard you try to get comfortable sitting on your pain,
something always tends to come along and swing from your smile,
changing the frequency with its feet while it hangs there.
Someone used to make me ridiculously happy, even if I only smelt them
If they didn’t pick up and I just got their voicemail.
Who’s after you?
A: The police
My little boy died a few hours ago.
My boyfriend threw things
when he was angry, anything
he could get his hands on.
Noah was screaming his eyes out
Next thing I saw was his head
thud against the wall
Then splash onto the tiled floor
He looked like something that comes
Up on google images when you type in
I looked at my boyfriend’s hands,
At his swelling torso
then ran into him,
wrapped my legs around his arms
and snap
I went over to hold Noah,
kissed his nose
then checked his pulse.
So I called the police
and left the line off the hook.
B: (empties what is left in the woman’s glass
and fills two glasses with Wray and Nephew’s Overproof Rum)

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