Nadia Scola – Headline Piece

16 Feb


Have a good time

Where are you now sweetie


What time you finish

Ohhhh Sweetie

Let me know when you finish

Are you busy or you won’t answer me


I’m Sorry

I know I’m not rushing you I give you time

Have you had some food for eating

When you finish message me

What u up to my love

Great have you been in shower

Eat something first then shower

U finish my dreams

Oh dear how long u want for shower


When u finished at shower text me okay waiting u

What do u use for removing hair on ur legs

Oh babe

If u use creams of jell it’s bad for your skin my love

what u thinking now ?

why u not answer me

are u finished at the gym

u going gym everydayyyyy


u don’t want me anymore

you never listen to me

are u at the gym now

are u busy like sweetie

why u silent what’s wrong can I help u my love

I said u need anything

I’m feeling you shy

when u need me tell me, and what u doing tomorrow

My love u here

Don’t be shy my life okay

why u silent

I’m not telling everyone but I know your a good girl and I like your personality



what time you working again one?

are you finish


babe are you finish now

finish my dreams

u don’t like me

I know if u no me really u never let me go

U there

If we live together don’t work much

do you want me

what’s wrong with u

have u been in love before


if u want me happy talk to my love

I miss u what can I do

Kiss babe


trust me I’m not aggressive

true babe

trust me I’m not

Babe are you finish now

my love you here

you don’t want me

I’m not talking about sex cus everyone likes sex


I’m ready for everything with you.


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