Why Say Sum Thin (8)?

23 Feb


With Say Sum Thin 8 fast approaching we thought we’d give you a chance to find out why we’re performing in Djanogly, what you can expect from us and what we do as a collective!

The end of this week (27th and 28th of Feb) sees Mouthy take to the stage at Djanogly City Academy Theatre for their Spring show “Say Sum Thin 8”. Over two nights there will be performances from NYC poet Jon Sands, school kids who took part in a workshop, Mouthy Poets themselves and even possibly you. 

As a Community Interest Company we aim to educate and develop the vocabulary and skills of young people, through spoken word.  We give them the chance to ‘say sum thin’ about their story…which the freedom of spoken word allows to endless levels, and last year we worked with every single student in Djanogly and ran two showcases with them. This was a huge success and we want to show the students of Djanogly the possibilities spoken word has in performance and also we want to continue the strong relationship forged with them. This isn’t just what we think though, the response we had from the events was nothing but positive and we are grateful to those that attended, and more so to the students who took part and showed their community, and the city, how strong their voices are.

“I was moved in all manner of ways by the event, which means you and your students captured the essence of what life is really about and the complexity of emotions we all share.” C. Grindrod

We were also really glad to hear the responses of the students themselves and it was fulfilling to know that we had helped them gain confidence in a society that can be unforgiving to young people. However, this is only the start as we wish to develop the seeds we’ve planted and continue to give a platform, a voice, to the children at Djanogly and the other schools around the city.

“I wanted to tell you all that sometimes I’m not very nice just because I feel bad about some things that have happened. But here I feel like I’m accepted.” Participator 

After the shows we often ask people to fill out evaluation forms; this is so we can provide a better experience to the 15-30 year olds within the collective, so we can improve our performances for you the audience and also to make sure the positives are voiced and the effort put into creating each show is worth it. The audience comments from our Djanogly Festival go to show the importance of our work not just to the collective itself but also to those who watch.

“To have such courage and talent at a young age – you are all inspirational” Audience Member

“There is something beautifully important happening here” Audience Member

We are also aware that performances are often centralised in the main theatres of our cities, we want to combat this and give something back to the local communities which have given us the voices of our collective. Spoken word especially, is for the people; this is thanks to its energy, topical subject matter, method of performance and the platform it provides for people to speak up. Created as an attempt to revitalise poetry it combats the environment which has arguably facilitated poetry’s decline.

These are just two of the reasons we are staging our Say Sum Thin 8 Performance at Djanogly and we hope that you can join us over the two nights to celebrate young local talent, the local community and to enjoy the stories being told.

Ticket Info:

The two nights can be booked online at the Nottingham Playhouse website (Friday / Saturday) but there is a discount for the two nights and group bookings which require you to call their Box Office (0115 941 9419). Concessions are also available!

The Friday night is our scratch show and will include an Open Mic opportunity for people in the audience (thought spaces will be limited). Saturday is our headline performance, where we welcome Jon Sands from New York City to come and say sum thin alongside our Mouthys.

Find out more on our Facebook Event Page and our Website! We’re also on Twitter @MouthyPoets where you can find constant updates of what we’re getting up to!

Other comments:

“Seeing young people find and speak their truths and values should happen more – elevate the voice of young people” Audience Member

“Djanogly student poets – YOU ROCK. I am moved to tears!” Audience Member

“Did you see that though – I was on fire” Djanogly Participant

“We’re a poetry family” Djanogly Participant

On attending “To support Djanogly that gets some negative press and to support the positive” Audience Member

“The standard of the work was high, as was the passion all concerned had put into the project.” C. Grindrod

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