draft or ideas for ss9 carnival by Raisa

14 May

Let the music play…

Pimpling..sounds of the caribbean carnival through my skin…..

The beat jiggartakes.

Each stride I make.. Injecting the souls of my feet with rhythm…

With the beat….

Beating like a slow motionless heart beat…..

If I just stand in one spot for a moment while the world passes me by……..

Let the music beam over me Carelessly

While I  have this dance…

To myself…

Like nobody is watching me..

In my own space

my own time….

Eyes close,

body starts swaying from one side…

Hips rotate up and down side to side….

Feet move as light as a feather…

It’s carnival time and I have come to dance…

I would like my poem to be rhymey and lyrics based. I am not sure if I should talk as first person or second person. I want to talk about a person either who takes part of the carnival as a person talking of. Or a person talking about there experience in the carnival as a normal person who is attending the carnival.


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